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Entrepreneur & Author

Justin Rezvani is a first-generation American entrepreneur, author, and speaker based in Austin, TX. He is a 2017 Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and received a letter of accommodations from the California State Legislator for his Marketing work at the age of 23.

Currently building the next generation of social built on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network
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Featured on Forbes 30 under 30
Forbes 30 under 30
Founder & CEO theAmplify - A Creative Brandtech Influencer Service
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Aubrey Marcus

While the dominant mythos of the world teaches that the salvation of humanity lies in the implementation of ever-greater levels of control, monitoring, and censorship, I believe the opposite. I believe that when you trust people, they become more trustworthy. I believe that arrival at the truth requires all disparate viewpoints to be freely expressed. So I believe in the decentralized vision for the future that Justin shares in this book.

Aubrey Marcus
Founder & CEO of Onnit
Mark Moss

Freedom is the highest value and the natural desire for all humans. The freedom to choose our own thoughts, ideas, actions, and expressions is our natural right. However, the nation-state sits opposite human freedom. Their greatest danger is intellectual criticism, and they will use all their force and power to stop and censor the truth. But we are witnessing a Technological Revolution that will change the course of humanity, and this book lays out the case, the importance, and the game plan for how we win our freedoms back!

Mark Moss
Entrepreneur, investor, founder, and YouTuber
Tony Robbins

If you've ever wanted a way to make your digital interactions as authentic and free as in-person conversations, look no further. This book provides the path to a richer, more civil world.

Anthony Robbins
Entrepreneur, #1 NY Times bestselling author.